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Who is D19?

The purpose of the District 19 (D19) Sports Association is to encourage and promote good sportsmanship, both on and off the field of play.

“Sportsmanship” is that quality of honorable behavior, which because of its courtesy, dignity, respect, cooperation, and trustworthiness habitually wins the esteem of one’s fellow man, be he an opponent or ally.

Sportsmanship comes to all of us at all times, but real possession of this virtue comes only to those who so exemplify the Golden Rule that they consistently hold the respect and loyalty of the community. For them there are no alibis, no unnecessary abusive remarks, no scheming to win at any cost; rather, a genuine love of fair play which makes them modest winners and gracious losers.

Acts of sportsmanship on the field of play have in them the seeds of high character and lifelong friendships.


Profanity or any unsportsmanlike remarks or gestures detrimental to the game, umpires, opposing players, or fellow teammates by any manger, coach, or player will not be tolerated in any Association game. Violation of this rule will constitute ejection from the game.

Conduct of a team’s followers is the responsibility of the team manager. Entry onto the playing field by a spectator to assault or abuse in any way a player, manger, coach, or umpire will constitute immediate forfeiture of the game by the team to whom the spectator is associated.

The Governing body of D19 shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the district, plus the president of each member town. In the absence of the town president, his designated representative may vote in his place. Each town is entitled to one vote, unless that town is observing a probationary period.

The President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected to office at the October meeting by a majority vote of the members present. The officers shall take office in January of the following year. If no one volunteers to take the office of President, this assignment shall be rotated annually among the town Presidents. Town rotation is as follows: Freeburg, Millstadt, Smithton, Valmeyer, Waterloo, New Athens, Dupo, Columbia. (2019)

A uniformed roster will be used by all organizations. This will be supplied to the District president. (2008)

Town presidents will receive a copy of all other town team rosters, as well as, the officers of that town. Each town president will be required to E-mail all rosters and list of officers to the D19 President who will then e-mail them out to all the town presidents. (2009)

D19 Board Members reserve the right to limit the number of trophies for any given division. In the event of a tie in a division, District 19 will provide one set of trophies with the cost of additional sets of trophies to be equally divided between the towns involved in the tie. (1990)

A first, second, and third place medal will be given in each division. Subject to D19 approval. (2009)

Divisions will be determined by current grade in school rather than birth date. The divisions and appropriate grades are as follows:

·         Atoms and Petites………………..2 & 3

·         Bantams and Chics………………4 & 5

·         Midgets………………………..…6, 7 & 8 (2015)

·         Robins…………………………....6, 7 & 8 (2006)

A special D19 rules meeting must be called for all managers, coaches, and umpires before the first season game to familiarize everyone with the rules and regulations and to promote better sportsmanship in District 19.

Each D19 rule, policy, or constitutional change will be dated in the rule book. (1990)

Find the D19 Rules Book here.

Find the current years schedule here.  Navigate to your sport and division. Also find the schedule here.

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